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The Importance of Setting Goals

The Importance of Setting Goals

Larry Myricks, Olympic Bronze Medalist










The Importance of Setting Goals

People who are successful at achieving what they desire are goal-oriented individuals who have targets that they shoot for. They know that establishing goals can lead to the accomplishment of a dream. Leaders should have clear cut and well defined goals which they work and move toward.

Everything starts with a dream

However, when you put action into that dream that is where the difference begins. When you dream you flounder or wonder about; however when you set goals you also set out to make that dream a reality.

Goal setting for some people is a menial task that they seem to overlook. As leaders, we need the right attitude and guidance that only goal setting can provide.

First, know what and when you should establish goals. Begin with an idea and think of how you can achieve that aim. Apart from the steps that you need to take, be proactive. Prepare for road bumps and road blocks that you might encounter.

Start with daily goals

Be it as small as picking up your groceries, list items that you need to achieve for the day. Break your life into goals and actions which you can attain. Even though you may not have huge accomplishments or advancements, you will certainly progress with each daily goal you complete and that will eventually lead to the realization of your main goal.

Always look at the big picture. Apart from your daily goals, you should also have goals that are mid- to long term. Sometimes the best way for you to achieve your goals is by matching your daily goals to progressively take you to the end goal of your long term target, whether that be in a month or in a year. If you see the progress that you are making, this can serve as inspiration for you to work harder.

Have a game plan

Making goals SMART or specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound is of great help. Look at your list of desired goals and aspirations.  What do you anticipate encountering when you try to make that dream a reality?  Apart from planning for roadblocks, prepare as well for smaller obstacles and what you can do to move around them.

Reward yourself

When you accomplish a mid-range or long-range goal, give yourself a pat on the back and a reward (of your choosing) as this will help you push towards the next goal. You are near the end, and as you get closer to the finish line there will be a sense of accomplishment and a rush of adrenaline pushing you to make that dream a reality.

Timelines are important. The key is to make them with a deadline.  Daily goals are one way to establish deadlines and priorities.  Another is by setting a date on which you should have already hit a certain target. Plan your goals efficiently so that you will know what to do on certain days, what you would have achieved in other days, and finally, how it is helpful to your end goal.


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The Importance of Setting Goals

Steve Caldwell

As a self-professed “manager from hell,” Steve Caldwell learned through the hard knocks of making mistakes while building a career.  Today he serves as a leadership coach, mentor and role model guiding high achieving managers to become the strong leaders their companies, employees and the world needs.  He is also author of the book Manager Mojo – Be the Leader that Others Want to Follow (available on Amazon).

“In all arenas, we suffer from a lack of leadership talent,” Steve observes.  “Every day employees are promoted into management with no training or support to guide their development into leadership positions.  You don’t have to be born to lead. You can learn to lead.”  He can be reached by email at or by phone at (415) 670*9543.



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