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Steve is awesome, amazing, incredible! He should be canonized!


The PI Management workshop makes me want to learn more! I love the accuracy of PI and the job models are neat!


I enjoyed the workshop and have a better understanding as to how PI can improve an individual as well as an organization. I think we covered everything well. It was a lot of information in a short period of time but easily understood.


Steve Caldwell is not just a presenter, but a talented sales professional - It showed during our Customer Focused Selling class.


The PI workshop was a fantastic experience. I was surprised by its job modeling applications. I wish we could have spent more time covering all of it, I love it!


I must admit I was skeptical of the need for a two day class, but it was well worth it. Informative and fun! PI is easy to read and interpret once trained.


Steve was fun and vibrant in my Customer Focused Selling class! I was surprised at the results of my SSAT and how much I could/needed to learn.


I can't wait to start practicing what I learned in the Customer Focused Selling class. I will be using these ideas both at work and at home. The class was very informative!


The PI workshop was all very good - I'm a believer that PI tools and approach can only help me become a more effective worker/leader. Steve was excellent and passionate during class.


Before attending the PI workshop, I was a skeptic but I was surprised how well it works! The course was great and I liked the interaction between Steve and the class.


The PI workshop was very clear and to the point. I love the passion that Steve showed. Thank you for the detailed presentation. The information learned will be implemented with excitement.


The PI Management Course was an excellent class! What an eye opener, especially learning about myself. I was surprised by how easy it was to learn PI and I think it will definitely improve my coaching skills.


Steve has helped my partner drill down into the information from the Predictive Index which is helping us find and place the proper folks into our business. Steve and the PI tool have made a huge difference.


Steve is fantastic and the material he presented to us is in the CFS class was very interesting and will be able to be utilized. I enjoyed learning the various styles and applying them to people in my life.


Steve was very understanding of my experience level and showed me methods to adapt and grow in the CFS class. I was surprised at how much individualized attention to social styles there was. It was a great informative course!


Customer Focused Selling was a great class; I really enjoyed your passion, Steve. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! The results of my SSAT were pretty interesting. I thought it was great, I enjoyed it a lot.


I loved the complexity of results and the science behind PI. Steve was great! You can tell he is passionate about what he does.


I was surprised by the depth of analysis possible using PI. This workshop exceeded even my unreasonable expectations. Steve's the best!


The PI Management Course was awesome! The workshop broadened my vision for application and use of the PI assessment. I was surprised by the breadth of applications and can't wait to apply it in recruitment and coaching.


The PI workshop was fantastic! Thought provoking and motivational. Can't wait to start applying it.


I give the PI workshop 5 stars - very excited about where we are going to take this. My only disappointment is in myself for not taking the class sooner.


Steve's passion for this subject radiates in his presentation. Great use of personal examples, good balance of time, and didn't feel too rushed. PI is easy to use and has a great breadth of tools.


The PI Management workshop was very helpful and engaging. It will help me better understand my team's dynamics and will help us better hire the best person. I love the accuracy and the level of detail of PI and will definitely be using it for recruitment and coaching.


I like how with PI, you really can't hide or pretend to alter the results. There are a lot of factors to consider in interpreting the results. It was a great 2 day workshop! I need to digest the learning and am anxious to practice!


Steve is an excellent facilitator who kept the audience's attention and directly engaged us. Good open discussion periods allowed so much fun! Good breaks, training atmosphere. Excellent sessions! I love that PI is easy to understand, has great reference docs and actionable info.


Excellent training session! Steve is one of the best trainers I have ever experienced. Great program and love the accuracy of the data compiled by the PI survey!


The PI workshop had great information - I love to learn and this is another valuable experience I can take with me to improve myself and help others to improve as well. I was surprised by the accuracy and ease of use of PI. Great job! The class was pretty comprehensive for only 2 days.


I will definitely be reviewing the subject material from the Customer Focused Selling class, as I'm interested in behavioral style selling. My PI results were me to a T. I hadn't really acknowledged a lot of my talents until taking this class.


The PI class was so informative. I learned so many new techniques I will be applying. I want others around me to go through this training so we can all be a part of it and work more fluidly. I was surprised how fast, easy, and accurate PI was, especially how true it was to me. This was a great two days! Thank you!


Steve provides absolutely incredible value to your business. Being able to understand how people work helps you improve your service to them. There is no substitute for the consulting that he does with Predictive Index.


After taking this class, I will definitely be implementing the entire CFS process in my next sales situation! Steve did an awesome job...CFS is spin selling on steroids!


I was surprised by how much we can learn about a person from such a simple test. EXCELLENT WORKSHOP!!! Thank you for such a fantastic workshop and experience. Steve's passion of the subject matter was outstanding. I can't wait to apply this to our business model. THANK YOU!


Before attending the PI Management workshop, I knew it was an amazing tool. It was much more than I thought it would be though and I can't wait to start using it! It will absolutely enable me to expand my leadership effectiveness, improve my performance, and the performance of my team at work.


After attending the PI workshop, I was surprised how accurate the PI results were and how easy it is to use! It was a well designed workshop. The flow was perfect. The materials are outstanding. I feel well equipped to administer PI's and deliver feedback. Steve Caldwell is an excellent trainer - his passion is exciting and contagious. He presented the material in a clear, concise manner and held my attention the whole 2 days!


I highly recommend Steve Caldwell and his firm Predictive Index for any company looking to gain insight on hiring prospective staff, analyzing existing staff's strengths, leveraging those strengths for future gains/growth and providing valuable sales tools. Our company has utilized Steve's services for a few years with tremendous results and are always looking for ways to apply his resources to other areas of our business.


I have known Steve for quite some time and I have recently enlisted his help in utilizing the PI sales assessment tool to hire a new sales person. I have always been a huge fan of PI and this newest tool is another example of how superior their tools are. It is WELL worth the money and will help me in supporting our new sales person most effectively. I highly recommend that anyone with an existing sales force or looking to grow their sales force talk to Steve IMMEDIATELY - his solutions are affordable for any size business!


Steve is an engaging and knowledgable teacher. Not only did I learn how to use a valuable new management tool, but also tapped into Steve's vast knowledge of business, sales specifically, and effective management. He is an expert instructor and made sure all understood material before moving ahead. Great two days!


I was surprised how much was packed into the PI survey with amazing precision. The workshop was a thoroughly exceptional training session. The delivery and materials were outstanding. Steve so totally embodies what makes the PI so unique. He brought wonderful examples to illustrate the training and taught the material in a way that was easy to relate to. He built on a great foundation of understanding the concept and framework of the PI.


Steve Caldwell and Predictive Index have helped my company in the areas of hiring, coaching, placement and team building. Steve is a person that truly cares about the people and companies he partners with and I am a better person and businessman from having ever met him. Over the years he has become a great mentor and friend. Needless to say I would, have and still do HIGHLY recommend him and his products!


John Wooden, Vince Lombardi and Phil Jackson are among the greatest coaches is sports history with a combined 26 Championships between them. The key differentiator in these historic coaches versus all others was their ability to maximize the potential of each individual and build a Championship team not just once but 26 times. Like a great coach Steve Caldwell will MAXIMIZE the development of your organization like few in the game today.

With a plethora of options for sales training, professional development and talent assessment available in today’s marketplace, Steve stands out above all the rest. He delivers a solid foundation for employee growth and development, talent management, team building, leadership development and all essential ingredients to improve your business performance. Steve is a master at the elements of Predictive Index, he knows what makes people tick, he knows how to align people to the “right jobs” and he has a system that ties everything back to improving a company’s overall performance.

Steve is a game changer, a life changer and will provide you the invaluable insights to improve employee retention, sales performance and company culture. If you quest to build a Championship team you need Steve Caldwell!


Steve was great in our PI workshop - engaging, educational, and efficient.


The PI workshop was worthwhile, thoroughly enjoyed the information and Steve. The PI survey is spot on!


The workshop provided good coverage of the program and explanation. I was surprised by the degree in which detail was taken in the test.


Steve was a fabulous instructor and truly made the experience even more wonderful. He is a fantastic instructor and person.


Thank you Steve! You taught me more than I learned 3 years ago! The workshop was great and I enjoyed learning about the ability to do the gap/fit for coaching.


Very informative. I learned so much about PI from this workshop.


I was surprised by the analytical soundness of PI. Thanks for the terrific tool!


The PI workshop was awesome! Steve is a jewel!


The PI Management workshop was great!!! I learned about my strongest behaviors and how I can better manage my role/business.


The PI workshop was fabulous! I was surprised by how accurate PI is. I wish I could do it all again!


Steve is wonderful - engaging, interesting, and very easy to take a class with for two days!


The PI Management workshop was fantastic! I am going to use with my team to improve cohesiveness.


Great class, would recommend for all our associates. I love the science behind the application!


Steve is very passionate and his love for PI makes you want to learn!


Great job! Wonderful, practical system with great data behind it. Steve established great rapport, checked well for understanding, and stimulated interest and enthusiasm.


I was blown away by how powerful and easy to use the PI tool is!


After taking the PI survey, I was surprised by its accuracy of how people behave.


The PI Management Workshop was a very informative and interesting course. I didn't know myself as well as I thought I did!


Congratulations Steve. I see how much you enjoy sharing the PI survey with others, you are a great communicator. Thanks!


Steve did a terrific job in my Customer Focused Selling class. Very interesting and enthusiastic.


Steve's enthusiasm in the CFS class was contagious - reminded me to use on my calls.


It was an extreme pleasure participating in a class where the instructor was truly knowledgable and enthusiastic.


The CFS class was a value and worthy of my time. I appreciate Steve's attention to giving us time to do our jobs while dedicating time to training.


Customer Focused Selling is a great system! Steve did a great job with the class as well.


Steve did an outstanding job with my CFS class - made complete sense. I enjoyed how it helped me understand myself and how to use that to be successful.


Thank you for the insight! Understanding the 4 basic personality types that I learned about in the Customer Focused Selling class will definitely help me to address people differently and more effectively.


Steve gave a great presentation at our Customer Focused Selling class!


I enjoyed the Customer Focused Selling class; Steve kept it very interesting.


The Customer Focused Selling class was very informative and interesting. Steve did a great presentation - funny and upbeat.


Steve did a great job with our class! I was surprised by all the different factors a 5 minute PI survey measures.


The Pi workshop was fun and to the point. There was interaction where needed/warranted and great examples from Steve.


The PI Management Course was very interactive and informative. I was surprised by how accurate the PI is in assessing behaviors.


The PI workshop showed me that there is a huge amount of info generated from a PI assessment with a seemingly small amount of input into the survey.


I had no idea how much science was behind PI. Steve Caldwell is an excellent instructor and I would refer him in the future.


I loved the real life info that I learned in the PI workshop - how it actually worked in the business world.


After taking the PI Management Course, I was surprised how accurate the PI results were. It will definitely help me with coaching and recruitment.


I really enjoyed the 2 days learning about PI in the Management Course. It was much more interesting and informative than I thought it would be.


Steve is an excellent resource who gets results! He's available with new insight whenever needed.


I have worked with Steve for a little over 1 year, Steve is amazing at what he does. He has excellent communication skills and has great delivery in his seminars.


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I was surprised by how much we can learn about a person from such a simple test.  EXCELLENT WORKSHOP!!!  Thank you for such a fantastic workshop and experience.  Steve’s passion of the subject matter was outstanding.  I can’t wait to apply this to our business model.  THANK YOU!