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So You Found Out Your Coworker Makes More Money Than You…

coworker makes more money than you

Let’s just say that at lunch one day, you and a coworker friend get on the topic of money. Through this conversation, you realize that they actually make a little more money than you do. Now what do you do about that? You immediately feel jealous. You start comparing all the work you do and how you are more valuable to the company, how your team of people have better numbers. We all know this is going into a tailspin. It’s ok that you have feelings about it but bottom line is, you just gotta get back to doing your job. There’s no great solution other than proving your worth and asking for a raise at your review next time.

So what do you do if one of your team members actually approaches you as the manager on this very topic? Your team members will talk and they will eventually guess where everyone stands. The best thing for you to do as the manager is to tell them that you just can’t discuss personal details about other people’s pay but you are happy to review their progress. It could be a great lead-in discussion on where they are and how they can improve. You guys should be on the same page about where they are now and where they want to be in a year. Discuss those specific goals with your team so you know what their goals are. You might need to give them more opportunities, maybe they need more training, etc.

Use uncomfortable topics like this to learn and turn what could be a negative into a positive!



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