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Six Keys to Financial Planning Success

Six Keys to Financial Planning Success

Bill Cantrell, CPA & Certified Financial Planner










Six Keys to Financial Planning Success

Financial planning is important for everyone, and for individuals in management and leadership positions who have the potential of earning millions of dollars over their career, it is important to pay adequate attention to the topic.  These individuals also are in a position to have substantial savings at the end of their career, so the sooner they get on the financial planning path, the better.

The key to successful financial planning is to apply certain principles that would help an individual arrange his or her investment portfolio in a way that goals become reachable. Each of these six principles should start with one basic question ‘Where am I now?’

The first key is called Partnership. This is where you define your goals with the help of your investment planner. It is called a partnership because it breaks down the barrier between client and investment planner – here both parties will act as business partners. Your investment planner needs to know your financial background (like your work, salary, investments, insurances etc.).  This requires a lot of communication between the two of you. From the information given, you can focus on the kind of investment plan followed to achieve your goals.

Organization is the next key to financial planning success, when every aspect of your investments are gathered and put in order. This solves and takes out possible problems and worries. Once everything is reviewed and put in position, you will know how to deal with future issues about your investments.

There should be accountability in financial planning. This means that the plans laid out before you have to be followed. Your targets and objectives will be worked on step by step so that in the end you can realistically reach and achieve each one.  Of course as time passes and situations change, it is always appropriate to revisit earlier choices and revise and update as necessary.

Impartiality is another important key to successful financial planning. Money matters are always an important aspect of life. Impartiality brings out better results and the best decision making abilities as it leaves out emotionally caused decisions and leads you to make logical choices and judgments that will help give you positive results.

Being proactive is an integral part of successful financial planning. This not only applies to you but to your investment planner as well. Anticipation is the name of the game when it comes to being proactive about financial investments. This will be best exemplified when there are things about to change in your life.  Contact your investment planner about the possible effects and what solutions can be considered before the actual change happens. If that thing happens, you are immediately prepared to face the possible problems arising from it.  If it does not happen, then life simply goes on.

Knowledge is the last and possibly the most important key to financial planning success. This requires analysis by both parties. The need to communicate about the facts at hand and what action plans to accomplish are the main focus of this key activity.

Understanding the state of your financial condition is the most important element to be considered. Everything starts from this point. The next step is to gather all the resources you will need to set your plans into action. Your productivity will be hinged on the facts and actions that you lay out. But once you set the stage for all of these, chances are you can never go wrong with whatever action plan you and your investment planner chart out.

There may be misses on your road to financial investment success, but these six keys will surely help guide you in achieving your goals.


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Six Keys to Financial Planning Success

Steve Caldwell

As a self-professed “manager from hell,” Steve Caldwell learned through the hard knocks of making mistakes while building a career.  Today he serves as a leadership coach, mentor and role model guiding high achieving managers to become the strong leaders their companies, employees and the world needs.  He is also author of the book Manager Mojo – Be the Leader that Others Want to Follow (available on Amazon).

“In all arenas, we suffer from a lack of leadership talent,” Steve observes.  “Every day employees are promoted into management with no training or support to guide their development into leadership positions.  You don’t have to be born to lead. You can learn to lead.”  He can be reached by email at or by phone at (415) 670*9543.



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