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The Best Leaders Look to the Future – Read this article to learn more….

                  The best leaders in business look toward the future rather than looking back. They are focused on the prospects of a bright tomorrow rather than the problems that may be stalling them at the present. Only a handful of business leaders have the ability to foresee [...]

What It Takes To Manage People Through Delegation – Read this article to learn more…..

Marcia Hoeck, CEO & Owner of Hoeck Associates, LLC

                  A lot of people don’t understand what it takes to manage people through delegation in order to make a business successful. Business owners and managers feel that they know everything in the business and since they are the ones who set the goals and directions of [...]

Creating New Challenges for More Success – Read this article to learn more…

Liz Wiseman, author of Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work

                What if I tell you that your business can actually have more success without the backing of decades of experience?  Would you believe me?  I think you would more likely be skeptical.  A lot of us believe that for a business to succeed, we need to have people [...]

Good Leadership is Good Teamwork – Read this article to learn more….

Lieutenant General (ret) Frank Kearney, III

                  Managing people requires a lot of hard work.  Leadership doesn’t involve only leading individuals, it involves developing good teamwork.  For a team to be successful, having skilled people is the least of your worries. To be a good leader, what you really need is not to [...]

Give Poor Performers a Chance to Improve Performance – Read this article to learn more….

Todd Cochrane, CEO, RawVoice

            In running a business, a manager may encounter problems when dealing with team members’ performance that involve three specific issues. The first involves Human Resources. The basic problem is that sometimes the wrong people are hired by HR.  Second is in knowing which employees to invest additional time and [...]

Mentoring is Caring About People – Read this article to learn more….

                  A mentor is a person who is armed with the knowledge, experience, and skills of a specific field who is willing, available, and able to share the vast trove of information with another individual. Mentors need not be older, of higher job position, or have longer [...]

The Dangers of Micro-Managing — Read this article to learn more….

Larry Myricks, Olympic Bronze Medalist, Executive Director, The Corporate Challenge Network

                    Micro-managing is a management style where a manager works closely to observe and control the work of his/her subordinates or employees.  This type of manager doesn’t trust employees to accomplish their responsibilities without close instruction and there is very little trust and respect shared among [...]

Employee Engagement – Read this article to learn more….

Chris Edmonds, CEO, The Purposeful Culture Group

                  Employee engagement is a management approach to ensure the workers commitment to the organizational values and goals by motivating them to contribute to the organization’s success. It also aims to enhance the employees’ sense of well-being.  Employee engagement involves the creation of conditions in which employees [...]

The Importance of the Written Word – Get it in Writing – Read this article to learn more….

Laine Lawson Craft, entrepreneur, author, leader and inspirational speaker

                  We’ve heard it time and time again and far too often don’t follow this sage advice – Get it in Writing.  It seems simple and obvious.  People don’t always do what they say they will. Laine Lawson Craft had been a successful businesswoman for over 20 [...]

Six Keys to Financial Planning Success – Read this article to learn more….

Bill Cantrell, CPA & Certified Financial Planner

                  Financial planning is important for everyone, and for individuals in management and leadership positions who have the potential of earning millions of dollars over their career, it is important to pay adequate attention to the topic.  These individuals also are in a position to have substantial [...]

Improving Communication for Award-Winning Results – Read this article to learn more….

Christina Hamlett, Author and Playwright

                  The communication skills of a manager impact his or her success in the organization.  The manner in which a point is made will determine the quality of leadership they possess. Communication is complex, as it entails more than the words a person uses; it also involves [...]

Culture in the Workplace – Read this article to learn more….

Chris Edmonds, CEO, Purposeful Culture Group

                  The concept of culture in the workplace covers a wide array of characteristics of a business.  Culture can be observed visibly in how the business looks and the way the employees dress but can be felt deeply in the attitudes of the workers, the setting of [...]

Connecting with People – Read this article to learn more….

Bob Dorr, founder and president (ret.) of Mid-Am Credit Corp.

                  Selling is both a skill and an art, and both skills and art can be developed. There isn’t anything you do in life that does not involve selling and interacting with people. The skills you learn in selling, the knowledge that you gain of how people [...]

Appreciation in the Workplace – Read this article to learn more

Dr. Noelle Nelson, author, “Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy”

                    More businesses are beginning to understand the importance of showing appreciation, getting their employees in a good place and helping them to stay there.  The easy word for that is HAPPY. Appreciation is not simply saying thank you.  It is valuing people – really getting [...]

The Need to Mentor – Read this article to learn more

Ann Tardy, Mentor & Leadership Expert

                  Mentoring is something great managers do all the time and it involves the sharing of a manager’s experiences.  It includes passing on knowledge to team members in order for them to achieve their goals.  It is as simple as that yet unfortunately happens far too seldom. [...]

How Leaders Delegate to Produce Positive Results – Read this article to learn more…

Bonnie Harvey, author New York Times Bestselling Business Book, The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand

                      One of the toughest things a business leader can do is try and do everything him or herself.  This is brought about by the desire to take command of everything that is happening, commonly referred to as micro-managing.  It is a natural feeling for [...]

Happiness in the Workplace Breeds Results – Read this article to learn more…..

David K. Williams, CEO, Fishbowl, author of 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning – Tying Soft Traits to Hard Results

                    Joyful people would love to work together on a job. These types of people always want their surroundings to be happy if possible. Truth is, this goes for the work environment as well. Unhappy people will tend to separate themselves from working with the happy [...]

Military Business Sense – Read this article to learn more…

Lieutenant General (ret) Frank Kearney, III

                  It might surprise a lot of you, but leaders in the military may just make better businessmen and businesswomen than many of those who have spent decades in other industries. Various disciplines and principles followed in the military could be what you need to integrate into [...]

Achieve Business Success with Good Leadership Skills – Read this article to learn more…..

John Spence, author of Awesomely Simple

                  Back in the day, people would often desire to get into a large company or business firm to allow them the opportunity to live the dream of financial success. They would prefer to gain a stable job where income and other benefits would come in a [...]

How to Win as a Leader thumbnail

                  People think that to be a leader a person has to rely on confidence to lead a team and achieve goals. A lot of people in business do not see the need to develop their character and other principles of being a good leader. Other than [...]

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