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9 Reasons Why Leadership is So Important

Leadership will make or break your company. Research shows time and time again that employees quit managers, not companies. If you are still doubtful, think back to a time where you had a terrible boss. We have all had at least one. (If you haven’t, that is amazing!! You are the exception to the rule.) How did you feel about getting up and going to work in the morning? Were you excited to stay late and work overtime to finish that project? I’m guessing that you weren’t just jumping up and down to get to work. You probably spent a lot of the time at work daydreaming about finding another job. How long was it before you actually began looking for other employment? Many of us have thought, “I will even take less money just to get OUT of this place!” That seems a little irrational but people think it all the time and many have actually done it. Your leadership is THE most important thing in a company. Over the next few days we’ll talk about the top reasons why.

Reason #1: Leadership defines your company’s purpose in the marketplace

In order to make money and be successful, you need a clear message for your intended audience. The leadership in the company helps define why you are the business to fulfill your customers’ needs. Management that is filled with constant bickering can almost never come up with a clear message to send to the public. The result is that everyone ends up being confused. Your employees are confused, your customers are confused, and everyone is wondering what their purpose is. You want people who can work well together so that the “vibe” goes throughout the entire organization.

Reason #2: Leadership provides guidemarkers for others to follow

How many of us want to follow someone who doesn’t know what they are doing? I know I don’t! I want to follow the best person around so that I can be MY best. Being able to do that means that I need a great example of a leader to follow. I like to think of this as following my yellow brick road. I’m skipping along towards Oz. I will have obstacles or maybe a witch to two to defeat along my journey, but it will be worth it when I reach my destination. But without a solid yellow brick road to follow, how will I know how to get there? You have to set a strong example if you want your employees to follow in your success.

Reason #3: Leadership unleashes the passion in others

Now don’t get sidetracked on the “passion” part of this statement. That’s not the direction we are going here. The passion I’m talking about is more on the tamer side of business and wanting to succeed. When people love their job they become passionate about it and want to keep doing their best. In my opinion, the ultimate sign of a leader is if they can inspire their workers to love their job so much that it becomes a joy to come to work! The people who are passionate don’t even think of it as work! They think of it as fun and continually think of ways they can succeed even more!

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