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9 Reasons Why Leadership is So Important – Part 3

Leadership will make or break your company. Research shows time and time again that employees quit managers, not companies. If you are still doubtful, think back to a time where you had a terrible boss. We have all had at least one. (If you haven’t, that is amazing!! You are the exception to the rule.) How did you feel about getting up and going to work in the morning? Were you excited to stay late and work overtime to finish that project? I’m guessing that you weren’t just jumping up and down to get to work. You probably spent a lot of the time at work daydreaming about finding another job. How long was it before you actually began looking for other employment? Many of us have thought, “I will even take less money just to get OUT of this place!” That seems a little irrational but people think it all the time and many have actually done it. Your leadership is THE most important thing in a company. Read on for the final three reasons why leadership is so important. In case you missed the other posts this week, you can find the first three reasons here and the second three reasons here.

Reason #7: Leadership models commitment

Commitment is a scary word to lots of us. Many of us can’t even commit to what we want to eat for dinner, so how can we really commit to a job? Let me just tell you that as a leader, you aren’t committing to one position for the rest of your life; you are committing to the PEOPLE and your willingness to help them reach their potential. How refreshing is it when someone really believes in you? It’s feels amazing right? When you are committed to doing your best work and helping your employees do theirs, you are going to get the best performance from them.

Reason #8: Leadership motivates by action

Have you ever tried to tell your kids to do something you wouldn’t do? My guess is that they typically don’t react in a positive manner. We can’t expect people to do what we want just because “we said so”. The same goes for your employees. They are following you, remember? You have to show them the culture, attitude, and best practices so they can model them! If you’re not doing those things yourself, you can’t expect your employees to do them.


Reason #9: Leadership attracts like-minded behaviors

Who really likes themselves and wants to work with people as fun as they are? I do!! I have found that having a great attitude and having fun also attracts those same people in my life. It’s such a great little law of attraction!! The same goes for good leadership. When you set a strong example, your employees will follow along and mirror that example. Just remember like attracts like!  We all need a little help with this sometimes. This is the biggest piece of advice I can give you. Find a way to love yourself and your life! Life will be so much more enjoyable and many of your other obstacles will seemingly disappear.

Check out the infographic below for a summary of our 9 reasons why leadership is so important.

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