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9 Reasons Why Leadership is So Important – Part 2

Leadership will make or break your company. Research shows time and time again that employees quit managers, not companies. If you are still doubtful, think back to a time where you had a terrible boss. We have all had at least one. (If you haven’t, that is amazing!! You are the exception to the rule.) How did you feel about getting up and going to work in the morning? Were you excited to stay late and work overtime to finish that project? I’m guessing that you weren’t just jumping up and down to get to work. You probably spent a lot of the time at work daydreaming about finding another job. How long was it before you actually began looking for other employment? Many of us have thought, “I will even take less money just to get OUT of this place!” That seems a little irrational but people think it all the time and many have actually done it. Your leadership is THE most important thing in a company. Read on for three more reasons why leadership is so important. In case you missed yesterday’s post, you can find the first three reasons here.

Reason #4: Leadership refines the skills employees need to succeed

Good leadership can create a better work world. Setting an example as a great leader helps others see what skills they need to be successful. You should be working with your employees to recognize and refine their talents. Their success equals success for you and for the company!


Reason #5: Leadership builds the platform of values in the organization

Have you ever worked for a company that had a certain public image, but that image wasn’t reflected internally in the company at all?? (An easy example would be a company that claims to be very environmentally friendly but doesn’t even have recycling bins around the office for cans and paper items.) It’s baffling right? The reason why this happens is always the management. They’re not passing on the company’s values in a way that trickles down all the way from the top. This kind of confusion usually creates very unhappy employees. The leadership team must be in sync with the values of the organization and make sure those are being implemented. Are you starting to see how important you are as a leader? You have to set the example just like you would with your children. Your team members are going to model their attitude after yours!

Reason #6: Leadership demonstrates that people matter

I really hope that you already think that your people matter. Keep in mind that they are the ones doing all the front line work and are usually the ones talking to the customers. So since you set the attitude and they are taking their cue from you, what attitude are they projecting to the customers? Employees that feel valued, that know that they matter, will bring that feeling to the customers they talk to. They will pass on the company’s belief that people matter and your customers will know that they are being heard. Being a leader does require you to have a heart. If yours doesn’t work, you can probably find one in Oz! (If that seems out of the blue to you, read yesterday’s post.)

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